Word of Mouth

100 Molesworth St, Thorndon, Wellington
7am–4pm weekdays
Muesli, porridge, with fruit $2 extra for both dishes; L’affare coffee, t-Leaf-T tea

Word of Mouth café is on the plaza opposite the National Library. It used to be the only good eatery in the area but is now rivalled by the Library’s own café, as well as that in the nearby Archives New Zealand.

The place was pretty busy when I went on a weekday at about 8.15am, but soon cleared out as people went to work. An interesting feature of the single cereal on offer – granola – was you could choose ‘half-and-half’, which means half with fruit, or you could select all granola.

Word of mouth - muesli and coffee

As you can see, I chose the half-and-half. I’m not actually sure it was granola in the sense of being toasted muesli though. If it was toasted, it was very lightly so, as you can again see. I’m putting it into the muesli category here. It was full of whole and chopped and whole nuts (almond, pumpkin, brazil, walnut), was light on oats, and had some dried fruit. The fresh fruit was orange, banana and apple. The yoghurt was nicely natural, with a bit of sourness. The whole was drizzled with honey, which tasted nice I have to say, but really not necessary, and I’d rather have had a choice about this.

Word of Mouth interior

The Americano coffee was OK and served in a regular cup. There was more than enough milk, as the yoghurt provided plenty of moisture to the muesli. Service was good. Note that the place is not open in the weekends.

Word of Mouth cheese scone

The cheese scones have something of a reputation. They are also scarce, being baked only on Mondays and occasionally on other random days. So what are they like? They are light and fluffy and have chives as well as cheese in them. You can have them toasted, but squashing them in a sandwich press would surely ruin this key attribute of fluffiness. The only other heating option seems to be microwaving, which does nothing to preserve or create a crunchy outside. Each to his or her own, but I don’t really rate them.

Word of Mouth cheese scone and tea

I had the scone with English Breakfast tea of course. The t-Leaf-T was leaf tea in a smallish teapot and it brewed fairly strong. You get an extra long teaspoon for some reason (what did they think I was going to do with it?), and the cup is a coffee cup. This type of tea pot doesn’t dribble, but that’s about the only good thing here.

Word of Mouth exterior view to Molesworth St

Top marks for quantity of fresh fruit, and for having a choice about this. Yoghurt good, and ample milk. Prefer honey wasn’t added.

Reviewed July 2019.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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