Victoria St Café

98 Victoria St, central Wellington
Opens 6.30am weekdays, 8.30am weekends; closes 4pm
Muesli (granola) $14; porridge $14; Emporio coffee; Tea Total tea

Victoria St Café occupies a prominent and sunny site on the corner of Victoria and Bond Streets. It’s a popular lunch spot, with a good variety of food.

Described as muesli on the menu, this was definitely well toasted, so I’m calling it granola. It contained a lot of coconut shred and raisins or sultanas. The serving was plenty but I couldn’t say that for the yoghurt and the fresh fruit was a little minimal in quantity and basic in its variety but OK. No choice of milk was offered but there was ample in this department. The Americano coffee came in a very large regular cup and without additional hot water.

The big, wrap-around windows let plenty of light and sun in and the light-toned wooden flooring gives a comfortable feel. It was fairly busy on a weekday at 8.20am but emptied out by 9am. Then on another visit I discovered it fills up at around 10am and thins out again by 10.30 as workers take a morning tea break. On this second visit I had green tea (China Young Hyson Green) and a cheese scone. The loose leaf tea was excellent, but the scone was too gluggy and salty for my taste. I didn’t finish it. There isn’t a big tea range.


Fairly average toasted muesli and coffee but good green tea and nice and light environment.

Reviewed May 2019. Prices and availability of dishes confirmed 24 Dec 2021.

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