Urban Eatery

232 Main Rd, Tawa, Wellington
Opens: 6.30am Tues–Sat, 7.30 Sun; Closes 4.30pm. Closed Mon
Muesli $11; Peoples Coffee; t-leaf T tea

Urban Eatery is on the main road through Wellington’s northern suburb of Tawa at the far end of the shopping area as you head towards Porirua. It seems to be completely unrelated to Urban on Manners in the city. As always, I thought I would get in early before too many customers made taking photographs difficult. But a 6.30am opening! I understand that people working in early-start jobs like tradies could be popping in for a coffee and takeaway breakfast in the week, but Saturday? Its the weekend cyclists said Urban staff.

This was another one of those bowls loaded with fresh fruit and yoghurt on the top so you have to dig down to get to the muesli itself. The fruit included fresh strawberries and kiwifruit and poached yellow plum and pear. The topping was Zany Zeus yoghurt and a jam-like compote (i.e. a bit sweet, thick, and bland).

The muesli underneath was disappointing. It was mostly toasted whole grain oats, with coconut flakes, some whole almonds, and dried raisins and pawpaw (and one banana chip). It is what I think of as pub muesli: something cheap that might have been bought from a wholesaler.

My companion had a cheese scone and asked for jam with it. It did not make him a happy chappie. His first comment was that spreading it was like trying to spread sand. The dough kept sticking to the butter or jam and breaking up. Too crumbly, lacking ‘structural integrity’, he said. And I could tell just by looking there wasn’t enough cheese, and that it was microwave heated, with no crusty outside. The jam didn’t look very inspiring either – more gel than fruit.

Urban Eatery - scone

Having said this, we did agree that the people running the place were nice and the level of service was excellent. There weren’t very many people between 9 and 10am, but I’ve seen it packed out later. The menu is blackboard only, so click for my photo of it.


Cheap muesli that is nothing special but does at least have fresh fruit. Coffee was average while cheese scone was below average. On the other hand, good service and, when it’s not too busy, a pleasant enough place to sit and talk or read the paper in the northern suburbs.

Reviewed October 2020.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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