Ti Kouka

Level 1/ 76 Willis Street, central Wellington
Opens 7am weekdays; 8.30am Saturday; closed Sunday
Porridge $16; Flight coffee; Kerikeri organic tea; Ti Kouka kombucha

Ti Kouka is upstairs and out of the way. Its not a see-and-be-seen place with expansive windows facing the street. It might be a good place to meet someone in a more private setting. There won’t be too many people there at breakfast time either. I first came here to do a granola review and was intrigued by the listing for its porridge, with its description of dark chocolate, coconut, peanut butter and banana: all things that could go nicely with porridge.

Dark chocolate porridge sounds like a good idea but it does make for a fairly heavy, gluggy form of porridge. The fat in the chocolate sort of weighs it down. Rather in the same way that peanut butter can do. Add them both, and you have lost that neutral, watery feel that porridge can have. After eating this concoction I decided that porridge works best as a neutral base against which you can offset with things like fruit, nuts, and maybe a few spots of chocolate or peanut butter.

The fried bananas were great, and leads me to wonder how green fried bananas would go. The peanut butter was smooth and salty. I’d prefer a crunchy version, to reduce the gluggy texture. The ‘superfood’ maca is listed in the ingredients but I don’t know if it adds taste or was just there to offer some sort of healthy credential. Overall, of course, this dish had a pretty rich combination of ingredients that can leave you feeling full for much of the day.

I think I had to ask for milk with the porridge, and you will definitely need it to wash it down. For coffee I had an Americano, which was fine, if rather small.


A good place to have a quiet breakfast in comfortable surroundings (if you can handle the decor). The porridge was a very rich combination of ingredients and best suited to people who want to splurge out on something with a high carb and fat content.

Reviewed October 2019.

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