The Oatery

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14 Left Bank, Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington
7.30am–2pm Wed–Fri; 8.30am–2.30pm Sat
Bircher $12.50, porridge $12.50–$14, granola $15; Supreme coffee, Winston’s tea

The Oatery is an eatery after my heart – and the spirit of this site – for it sells oat based food. It was operating as a caravan at the Harbourside fruit and vegetable market for a few years and I’ve eaten quite a few varieties of porridge here. You can see my separate review for these.

From December 2021 The Oatery has also had a fixed home in Cuba Street’s Left Bank lane complex, next to Pegasus Books on the right. That’s where I ate this tumeric bircher muesli.

Oatery - bircher and coffee

The bircher lies underneath a heaping of sliced apple. I like the way this is so finely cut – it also appears like this in The Oatery’s apple and hazelnut porridge and is much more appealing than the coarser, solid slices most eateries serve. It would be shaved with a grater.

Between the apple and the bircher is a generous layer of seeds, toasted coconut flakes, ginger maple syrup (not too much) and coconut yoghurt. As for the bircher muesli itself, I’m pleased to report that the tumeric is not overdone, as I don’t really find the way tumeric is put into everything these days terribly appealing. It’s good for you, they say, but the taste…

Oatery - exterior

The bircher is soaked in coconut milk and apple juice by my reading of the menu. Oh, and there are spices besides the tumeric, but they are not overwhelming either.

The Americano coffee was fine, but it went cold fairly quickly in the thin cup. I always like my Americano or filter coffee in a mug so it stays warm.

Oatery - interior seating

The eatery space is tiny but tastefully done out, with decent art on the walls, plants and flowers, and books to read (no newspapers though). You can sit at the bench but most people eat outside at the large table or two or three smaller round ones. The Left Bank is well protected from the weather, and this part is covered over, so customers seem happy enough here. There was even some old guy who seemed to be taking notes about his breakfast when I was present.

Reviewer at The Oatery

I’m not sure if the caravan will ever reappear at the Harbourside Market by Chaffers St on Sunday mornings, but here is what it looks like if you are searching for it. It was always positioned at the northern end of the food stalls, opposite the back of Te Papa and near the sea.

Oatery caravan at market

Top notch bircher muesli. If you don’t fancy tumeric too much, don’t worry, it is not overdone. I wish The Oatery well in their new venture and hope it survives the dampener Covid-19 has put on the hospitality sector. Like this website, it is super niche, so may not appeal to all, but if you want some of the best porridge, granola and bircher muesli in Wellington this is the place to go. The environment is not all that salubrious, so it depends on what your priorities are: quality of food or ambience (and the latter is a matter of taste anyway).

Reviewed December 2021.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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