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147 The Terrace, James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, central Wellington
6.30am–10.30am breakfast Tuesday to Friday
(open for lunch and dinner Mon to Sat to 10pm)
Granola $15; porridge $12; Manfredi coffee; t-sips loose-leaf tea

Update: Sojourn is closing from 21 December 2020 until further notice. I don’t know what this means, but this state of affairs still applies in Feb 2022 according to the website. Covid now makes any near future re-opening unlikely I guess.

The Sojourn Café & Bar is located in the foyer area of the upmarket James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor. It suffers a little as a thoroughfare from reception through to the lifts but I didn’t find this too uncomfortable. You can take a lift right down to Lambton Quay, so it is a popular route for people wanting to get from The Terrace to the city.

Sojourn soft seats across walkway to tables

It has soft seating on one side of the aisle and tables on the other, but I think most of the eating is done on the tables side. You can also breakfast at Whitby’s on the 17th floor but this seems to be buffet only ($26 for continental breakfast).

Sojourn granola and coffee

The granola was very nicely presented, with a generous layer of yoghurt opposite the granola, with lines of fresh fruit (orange, kiwifruit, banana) between the two. The granola itself was mostly oats toasted to a very crisp, crunchy state. It contained some pumpkin seeds, a few slivers of almond, and raisins and that was about it. It looked quite shiny yet didn’t seem overly sweet with honey or syrup. The yoghurt was a little sweet though, and made me think of mass market supermarket offerings. I wasn’t offered any milk but there was enough yoghurt that you don’t need it.

Sojourn dining seating

The Americano coffee came as a large serving. I was offered additional hot water and received a whole teapot full! Maybe American guests are demanding large servings and the ability to dilute it down. Standard tea is Dilmah tea bags but you can pay a little more and get a wider variety of ‘t-sips’ brand teas as leaf tea.

Only three or four people were seated when I arrived on a weekday morning at 7.45 and about the same number half an hour later when I left.

Sojurn from tables looking out to soft seats

Nicely presented crunchy granola with plenty of yoghurt and fresh fruit. Granola didn’t have nuts in any quantity on the one hand but wasn’t too sweet on the other. Large serving of coffee. Setting is an alcove by a thoroughfare.

Reviewed August 2019.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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