Pickle & Pie

Pickle and Pie muesli - header image

2 Lombard St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 7am weekdays, 8am weekends; closes 8.30pm Mon to Sat, 4pm Sun
Muesli $13; Grits porridge $16; Supreme coffee; Noble & Savage tea

Update: Pickle & Pie haven’t been serving muesli or porridge for perhaps two years now, so I guess they may never do so again – Feb 2022.

Pickle & Pie is at the corner of a lane and a short back street running off Victoria St. It is a relative newcomer to the café scene in Wellington and has proven popular. The large glass frontage lets lots of morning sun in, as you can see from my light-dappled image below.

Pickle and Pie muesli and coffee

There were already 14 people seated at 8.30 on a Saturday when I was there, but service was efficient and there were still good seats left. I was disappointed that there was no newspaper though. When asked, the waitress looked around and said that the papers hadn’t been delivered today; end of story.

The muesli turned up quickly enough and it was OK, though included dried fruit, which seems a bit unnecessary when there was also a generous serving of fresh fruit (apple, kiwi fruit, grapes, orange and compote). Instead of yoghurt there was a sort of dairy curd in a mould shape (not the Zany Zeus as listed on the menu). Interesting. The muesli had puffed grains in it which is also an interesting variant on your standard muesli and adds bulk without many calories or sugars. Not at all interesting – indeed a crime against good muesli – was the inclusion of dried banana chip and dried pineapple. Oh dear! AND, the serving size was WOEFULLY SMALL. Coffee was good, hot and strong. Tea is Noble & Savage loose leaf.

Pickle and Pie interior

I like places with a light and sunny feel, so could have been tempted back by the environment, but the music was too loud. And with such a small serving of muesli I had to go and have a second breakfast at Arborist in Willis St! There was no Saturday newspaper there either, but when I asked about a paper there was no excuse about it not been delivered. The waitress simply went across the road and bought a copy. Now that’s service. (And I should point out that there was a convenience store equally close to Pickle & Pie, had they also deigned to remedy the no newspaper delivery problem.)

Pickle and Pie exterior

I like the environment enough to be tempted to try the porridge on another occasion, but there are enough negatives about the place to shift this well down my list of priorities. All the same, good marks for the fresh fruit.

Reviewed July 2019.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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