Pandoro Panetteria

Pandoro Panettaria muesli close-up

2 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 7am every day; closes 4pm Sun–Tues, 4.30 Wed–Sat
Muesli $14, porridge $14 in winter; Supreme coffee, t-leaf-T tea

Pandoro Panetteria is a family-run bakery that began in Wellington at the Allen St site (on the corner with Wakefield St), in 1996. It now has branches in Willis St and Woodward St, as well as several in Auckland, and supplies baked goods to many other food outlets. Its breads and cakes have a well deserved reputation, but does this extend to its breakfast cereals?

Pandoro Panettaria muesli & coffee

The answer is yes, based on my experience with muesli at its Allen St premises. You get a decent sized bowl here covered in fresh fruit and served with two small bottles, one with milk, the other with a berry smoothie. The fruit on my visit consisted of grapes (red and green), orange, pineapple and watermelon. Hidden beneath this was a toasted muesli of small oat grains, pistachios, almonds, pecans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, coconut, raisins and dried cranberries and pawpaw. It was a light, easily eaten mix, with no apparent sweetening or high oil content.

Pandoro Panettaria muesli super close-up

Service was a bit poor though. I was given a knife and fork with my muesli, but no spoon, and while I received the muesli in about five minutes after ordering I waited 25 minutes for my Americano coffee, and that was after asking where it was. I can forgive the spoon, but I really should have asked for my money back on the coffee delay. I wasn’t busy – at 7:05 am on a weekday when I ordered there were about nine people at the tables, and this only increased to fifteen by 7:50am. What’s more, there seemed to be two people on the coffee machine.

Pandoro Panettaria interior view from door

Patrons seemed to be a few tradies and perhaps people who lived in apartments nearby. One expensively dressed woman brought in her fluffy white dog, so clearly the place is dog-friendly. The music was a bit loud but was easy to listen to soul from the 70s by the sounds of it, and became drowned out by traffic noise on the busy Wakefield St outside once the morning got into full swing.

Pandoro Panettaria interior view towards door

On another day I had a cup of Earl Grey tea. It was served pretty promptly this time. It was in a substantial stainless steel tea pot, enough for three cups. I did notice though that other patrons had some nice cast iron Chinese tea pots. I asked about this later and was told that there were only three in service, so once they are used the stainless steel ones are brought into play.

Pandoro Panettaria tea

The tea was fine (not too strong) but was served in a wide coffee cup, and the teabag was plastic mesh. So better than you would get some places, but room for improvement. The music was as loud as on my previous visit.

Pandoro Panettaria exterior

Very good muesli with little sugar apart from that in the dried fruit, and comes with a decent serving of fresh fruit. Service not so hot.

Reviewed December 2019.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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