Neo Café & Eatery

132 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 7am weekdays, 8am weekends; closes 4pm weekdays, 3pm weekends
Porridge $14; Granola $15; Supreme filter coffee, incl bottomless, Ritual Tea Co tea

Neo Café & Eatery serves one of the best granolas (see separate review), and have filter coffee, so what do they would do with porridge? Not so much it turns out.

The porridge was made with oatmeal and was served in fairly short order (I was the only one in the place, mind). It came with what is described on the menu as cinnamon and pumpkin seed crumble and had a thin spread of nicely acid stewed rhubarb. There were a small quantity of linseeds too – not sure if they were part of the crumble that had, well, crumbled out.

The menu also states that the porridge comes with ‘cream and brown sugar made with almond milk’. Unless there is something I just don’t understand about sugar production (almond sugar?), I think there is a wording issue here, and what is meant is that the oats are cooked in almond milk. Anyway, the great thing is that you get a small jar of sugar to add to the porridge yourself. Yay! Let me decide if I want to get type-2 diabetes. The crumble was sweet enough, so I left the jar closed.

You also get a small jug of cream. Again, they must be taking an interest in my health, because it was so tiny it looked like it belonged in a dolls house. I had to ask for a jug of milk to get enough liquid with my porridge.

How was the porridge? OK, but nothing fancy. Good plain fare. I would have liked more rhubarb and maybe a sprinkling of granola than the crumble.

I ordered an Americano coffee to see what they would do with it rather than the filter coffee I had last time. It was served in a cup and tasted good. Nice to see they serve kombucha ($5) here too. Standard teas are Ritual Tea Co. As per my previous visit I had real problems trying to read the large format Saturday paper on the small table, but the smaller mid-week paper would be more manageable.


The granola here is outstanding, the coffee good, and the space intimate. The porridge definitely rather more average. Not something I would bother with again at Neo.

Reviewed August 2019

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