Mojo – Waterfront

Mojo waterfront bircher - header image

Kumototo Plaza, 33 Customhouse Quay, waterfront, Wellington
Opens 7am weekdays, 8am weekends; closes 5pm weekdays, 4pm weekends
Bircher muesli $11.50; Mojo coffee (incl filter), Zealong teas

Mojo are all over the place in both Wellington and Auckland. This is mostly a good thing: decent coffee (including filter at some locations), better than having Starbucks everywhere, and not completely standardised menus between locations. But sometimes it seems like they might be just too much everywhere and squeezing out diversity of other outlets. Anyway, though I’ve reviewed a couple of other Mojos I thought I would see what they are now doing with what they call ‘cinnamon soaked oats’ on the menu (i.e. bircher muesli). This seems to have replaced porridge at their Market Lane outlet too, and maybe is a seasonal change for summer.

Mojo Waterfront cafe interior view east around curved counter

This particular venue is wrapped into a curve on the corner of a building, so you have two narrow arms with seating. They are all faced with floor-to-ceiling windows, but although the location is the waterfront you are hidden from the sea, and from the sun until later in the day.

Mojo waterfront cafe - bircher and coffee

I was served a stiff mix of bircher muesli that seemed entirely oats (though I think I spotted one sunflower seed). It was quite plain – no grated apple, apple juice, or anything fancy and I can’t say I noticed any cinnamon. It was covered with a layer of coconut yoghurt and that in turn with a thickened rhubarb stew. And on the very top, beneath a leaf of mint, were a few small cubes of poached apple. What was unusual about the whole dish compared to other eateries was the absence of sweetening. No drizzled honey, sweetened bircher mix, sugary compote. Just a plain, healthy breakfast. The menu lists it as vegan, and mentions oat milk, so I guess that is what the oats were soaked in. The serving was a little small for me.

Mojo Waterfront cafe interior view south along tables by straight wall
Mojo Waterfront cafe interior view north to corner with windows both sides

The place was fairly full between 8am and 8.30 on a weekday, plus there were people popping in for takeaway coffees. This may have contributed to a longish wait for my filter coffee, but it was delivered with an apology. I asked about the difference between the $4 and $5.50 filter coffees and was told the first came in a mug, and the second in a glass container with a separate cup (the only way it is served at Mojo Market Lane), but on a second visit the waitress thought that the mug was the only option at this branch.

Mojo Waterfront cafe exterior looking south

One of the healthiest oat based meals in town. And vegan. Good coffee, as always at Mojo. Pleasant enough environment, but not exactly a place to relax.

Reviewed October 2019.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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