Mojo – Market Lane

Mojo porridge - header image

1 Market Lane, central Wellington
Opens 7am, closes 2pm; closed weekends
Porridge $11; granola $11.50; Mojo coffee

Mojo have several branches around Wellington and Auckland and their offerings vary. I’m not sure how many others in Wellington have breakfast cereals, but Mojo Pōneke does and it differs from those served at Market Lane. The menu changes from time to time and the current version of porridge (May 2022) over a number of Mojo outlets is banana and date. I’ll be reviewing this in due course. Stay tuned.

Mojo porridge and coffee

The hearty serving of porridge was made from oat flakes and was topped with banana, a sweet berry compote, yoghurt, coconut shavings and unroasted sunflower seeds, each spread in an attractive strip. I had to ask for milk and was told it was a mistake I hadn’t got it. I was then brought far more than I could have used. Not sure if they were overcompensating or if this was the standard volume.

Mojo interior view to counter

Single origin filter coffee is served here and it comes in a glass pot in plentiful quantity that you then pour into a smallish cup. They call the filter process Steam Punk and it involves steam and vacuum filtering. It tasted good and was nice and hot. You can also get espresso coffee of course and an Americano is served in a regular cup but with a small jug of hot water.

Mojo interior sunny towards Taranaki St

The environment at Mojos is bright and airy, with a high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides and light-toned wood tables. It is also spacious, and unlike so many cafés that have to cram in as many tiny tables as they can, here there is space, with a choice between two-person tables, larger round tables, oblong shapes and stool-height tables. Some tables have soft seating on one side too.

Even when the place is full it is never too noisy – I don’t know if it is the Chinese lanterns that break up the sound, the tables, or what. There is no background music, which helps. I think some other cafés need to look at this place.

Mojo exterior sunny

Nice presentation and a variety of toppings makes a plain dish so much more interesting. Pleasant environment and filter coffee are bonuses.

Reviewed August 2019.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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