Mojo – Market Lane

1 Market Lane, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 7am weekdays; closes 2pm; closed weekends
Muesli $11.50; porridge (winter) $11; Mojo coffee, Zealong teas

Mojo are a chain now spread throughout Wellington and Auckland. Branded multi-outlet eateries do not usually equate with quality, but Mojo offer a pretty good product, with the benefit of consistency yet without completely identical offerings in each café. The espresso coffee is excellent, though at Market Lane the ‘steam punk’ extracted filter machine has now been withdrawn. However, cold nitro is still offered here, along with nicely presented teas.

This dish is listed on the menu as maple toasted muesli. It verges on granola with some clumping of grains and a darkly toasted, crisp and crunchy texture. But on the other hand, it seems free of the oil and sugar-based product usually used to toast muesli to make granola (a good thing from a health point of view).

The muesli had pumpkin and sunflower seeds, a modest amount of dried fruit consisting mainly of raisins, and coconut flakes. This is how coconut should be added to toasted muesli: like dried fruit, after the main base is cooked. When I applied the sugar test – running milk through the granola and seeing how sweet it ended up after a bit of soaking – I detected relatively little sugar. Yes!

Mojo Market Lane granola 2019

This is a revision of a review I wrote in November 2019 and just above you can see the muesli I had then. Pretty much identical to November 2020 except there was less yoghurt and compote, though you did get a mint leaf.

Mojo - interior towards Taranaki St corner

I usually have an Americano coffee here. It comes in a smallish coffee cup but with a stainless steel jug of hot water for you to add yourself. Nice.

Mojo - interior towards counter

I go here fairly often for morning coffee on weekdays and the environment is always pleasant. Usually it is about half full, so you can always find a good seat, and noise is never a problem. No music, thankfully.

You can also check out my porridge review for this Mojo location, though the excellent porridge has not been on the menu since at least October 2019.


A nice version of muesli: straight forward, reliable and simple, without any major flaws. Many other cafés attempt something like this but only get it half right. They should visit Mojo to see how easy it is to do properly. Good coffee and tea.

First reviewed October 2019; revised November 2020.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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