Milk & Honey

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Rankin Brown building, Victoria University, 1 Kelburn Parade, Kelburn, Wellington
Opens 8am weekdays; closes 5pm Mon to Thurs, late Fri; closed weekends
Porridge $12, muesli $13; Supreme coffee, t-leaf-T tea
Note: as of May 2021 neither porridge nor muesli are on the menu.

Milk & Honey is the quality eatery on Victoria University’s Kelburn campus. It is intended for staff only, but so long as you don’t look like a student in age then no questions are asked. The porridge and muesli on the on-line menu sounded interesting, but this menu is out of date say staff, so I had ‘Roast banana organic oat porridge’ with LSC (not sure what that is), quinoa flakes, chia seeds and caramelised almonds from the printed menu, while my companion had ‘Whole grain goji & cranberry muesli’ with coconut, dried cape gooseberries, coconut yoghurt and organic apple syrup.

Milk and Honey porridge & coffee

The porridge was darkish and contained chia seeds and something else (the LSC?) that gave it a texture and appearance unlike standard oat porridge. The chopped almonds were on top and these were encircled by the roast banana. I can’t say that it looked an attractive dish! I couldn’t help thinking the circle of amorphous banana looked like some exotic, amoebic creatures guarding the almonds.

Milk and Honey granola

The toasted muesli was a rather more straight forward dish, comprising simply a dab of coconut yoghurt on top of the roasted oat flakes and dried fruit. It was heavily oat based, with sunflower seeds, coconut shavings, goji berries seasame seeds and perhaps the listed dried cape gooseberries. The muesli was free of excessive sugar. Perhaps the grains were roasted in oil and the apple syrup of the menu.

Milk and Honey interior view north west

The coffee was fine and we were given a choice of milk types to go with the porridge and muesli at no extra charge. The place was about a quarter full at 9.45 and swelled to about a third full by 10.30, by which time the noise level was becoming distracting. And I didn’t see any newspapers on offer.

Milk & Honey tea

I had tea on another visit. It was adequate but nothing special. The pot held a good volume and poured well. The cup was a large coffee cup but was warm. No extra hot water was served. I had a cheese scone on another occasion. Pretty ho-hum. It was heated in the microwave, so was a bit chewy. I’m told the best scones on campus are at The Lab.

Milk and Honey interior view south
Milk and Honey table and cups

The university is a sprawling site, so finding the eatery can be difficult if you don’t know where to go and the map below can only give the general locality. It is opposite the entrance of the Adam Art Gallery, and at the top of the path if you take the usual walking route up from the city that passes the Student Union building and the old Catholic cemetery. The view from the top of the path towards Mt Victoria over the Te Aro part of the city is pretty good and is less interrupted from within the eatery.

Milk and Honey view

Great location and a pleasant environ in which to dine if there are not too many people. The cooked banana on the porridge didn’t really appeal. The muesli was relatively free of sugar but would have benefited from some fresh, or even stewed, fruit.

Reviewed November 2019.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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