62 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 8am weekdays, 9am weekends; closes late
Muesli $14; Karamu coffee, Harney & Sons tea

This has now gone into new ownership as Choice Bros, and offers granola in the weekends only. What’s more, it only opens from 10am in the weekends (and 11am Tus to Fri). Guess I will try it out at some stage and update this page.

Husk is down a long, covered alley off Ghuznee St, opposite Glover Park. It is best known as a bar, with a micro-brewery attached. You walk past dozens of wooden barrels to get to it and the ambience of the seating part includes the brewing paraphernalia at back. Fairy lights guide you to the premises, and while it might look like a dark hideout in the daytime, there is natural light down at the brewing end that spills onto the soft seat area.

The muesli is a little difficult to find on the breakfast menu (it is listed under ‘Sweet’ on the left-hand side). And the other thing to note is that it is exactly what it says it is – muesli – not your usual granola or toasted muesli, either of which are often titled muesli on menus.

The muesli is served in a deep bowl, which enables the yoghurt to cover everything below and means you have to mostly eat this topping first before you get down to the muesli below. Honey is drizzled over the yoghurt. The dish is noted as vegan on the menu, so I assume the yoghurt is coconut, though I was also served with a bottle of cow’s milk. Maybe you can ask for soy or something instead.

Anyway, the yoghurt is covered in freeze-dried raspberries and half-a dozen slices of apple. The muesli underneath is a rich mix of nuts, seeds, coconut shred, oat flakes and dried fruit, as you can see in the above photo after I’d demolished the topping. If you are OK about dried fruit then this muesli is as good as it gets.

Coffee is brewed on the premises and an Americano is served in a mug. Great! Perhaps the saucer is a little out of keeping with the pottery look of the cup and muesli bowl though.

There have been no more than a handful of people here when I’ve dropped in around 8am on weekday mornings, so no conversation noise. There is a bit of background hum from the brewing machinery though. And the music can be a bit loud. However, this has been my best background music experience to date. I think it has to do with the sound system (and the good choice of music played).

I had a flatmate once who was an audio buff and into valve amplifiers. He reckoned that you can play a good sound system much louder than a mediocre one without it being annoying or conversation interrupted. My experience at Husk seems to bear this out. It is not some crappy noise blaring away in the background, but something you can listen to or not as you choose.


Good, honest muesli – the real thing. And a secluded environment that is better than you might expect from looking down an alley. Good coffee, good music. Pity no daily newspaper is offered.

Reviewed October 2019.

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