Floriditas - porridge

161 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 7am; closes 3pm; re-opens 3pm–late
Porridge $18; bircher $16; muesli $18; Supreme coffee; Tea Total leaf tea

Floriditas Café and Restaurant is a popular and well established eatery on Wellington’s somewhat boho Cuba St without being boho itself. It is Continental in appearance, with a high ceiling, dark wooden furniture, high back bench seats, a feature mirror, suspended glass lamp fittings, frosted graphics on the windows and so on. The counter delicacies always look enticing, the coffee is reliable if not exceptional, and bircher muesli, granola and porridge are offered (the last two depending on the season).

Floriditas - porridge and coffee

In my other reviews I found the bircher good and the granola meh. I’d call the porridge fairly good. It was a stiff pour, if you like your porridge that way. It had a nice mix of poached feijoa and pear on top and a crunchy granola over that in turn. Juice from the fruit ran around the side of the porridge.

The porridge was not all that hot I’m afraid. Maybe this was a result of pouring cold poached fruit over the top. Better to warm it up I think. The fruit itself was very tasty though – the feijoa provides a spicy sort of enhancement to the more bland pear – and it wasn’t overly sweetened up, if sweetened at all. The granola (described as ‘crumble’ in the menu) was crisp and crunchy, the perfect addition to porridge in my view.

Floriditas - interior view to car park

I have actually had the porridge here twice. The reasons that are too complicated to explain and not because I loved the porridge so much I had to come back for more. I have to say that the second visit was a lesser experience.

Floriditas - porridge

There was way too much fruit juice this time, to the point where the porridge was substantially submerged. I’m sorry the photograph is not so clear on this. It was very early in the morning, so I was almost entirely using the low power café lighting. I don’t recall any feijoa on the second occasion, but it may have been there. And the cream was well and truly superfluous. I’m going to have to downgrade what I initially thought was rather good porridge to so-so.

Floriditas - interior view to counter

As always, service was pretty attentive and quick. There were newspapers to read, but only two, and even with only about eight or so people on an early weekday morning I didn’t get to look at them due to some newspaper hoggers.

Floriditas - exterior view

Good combination of poached fruit, granola crumble and optional added cream. Problems with too much fruit juice and coolness of the porridge though.

Reviewed June 2020.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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