Floriditas granola close-up

161 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 7am, closes 3pm; re-opens 5.30 – late
Granola $17; bircher $16; porridge $18; Supreme coffee; Tea Total leaf tea

Floriditas is known for its good food and service and is on the go all day and into the evening in a high-ceilinged 1930s space that’s right on a street corner. The granola I’m reviewing here isn’t served as of April 2021, but you never know, it may come back on the menu and there are still things worth noting about Floriditas.

Floriditas gets pretty busy in the weekend, but seems to be fairly sparsely populated at around 8.15am. The granola was entirely nuts (plus puffed quinoa), which explains its high price, with freeze-dried raspberries, one poached pear and a choice of Zany Zeus or coconut yoghurt. It comes with a jug of milk and you can choose what type (plant or dairy). The granola was relatively light, despite its nut content, and the serving size was light as well. The pear wasn’t syrupy, so overall I’d call it a pretty healthy dish, and it will suit paleo dieters and vegans (though check if the coconut yoghurt is in fact dairy-free: some types are part dairy).

Floriditas interior view to Cuba St corner

The Americano coffee was good and served without hot water. There was music but it was pleasantly low volume. I think that when the place fills up it can get pretty noisy though as there are hard surfaces on all sides. Service was fast and attentive. You get a glass of water when you sit down.

Floriditas interior view to Marion St corner

I have also had tea and a cheese scone here. The tea was OK, and was plain leaf in a large teapot that poured about three cups. Yay, and may all those cafes that serve it in a mean pot the size of a small cup take note! A downside was the pot was stainless steel (loses heat) and poured badly (watch out!). The scone was good. Maybe not a prize winner in a town that does cheese scones well, but certainly up with the pack.

Floriditas external

I see that some commentators on Trip Advisor complain that Floriditas has gone downhill in recent years and complaints about high prices and noise level when crowded are not uncommon on the site. Its popularity seems undiminished though and ratings for the most part are high.


Excellent granola mostly consisting of nuts. Expensive and smallish serving. Will suit paleos and vegans. Comfortable environment when not too many people.

Reviewed July 2019.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit

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