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161 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 7am; closes 3pm; re-opens 5.30–late
Bircher $16; granola $18; porridge $18; Supreme coffee, Tea Total leaf tea

Floriditas is another one of those Wellington eateries that is an institution. It has a European feel, with dark seating, including high-backed sofa seats, wood paneling, high ceilings and a huge counter. Staff are dressed in a smart uniform outfit and attentive. The wrap-around, part-frosted windows let in plenty of light but don’t make you feel exposed. I did previously have the granola and have tried tea and cheese scones here (see my Floriditas granola review), and though neither were winners, the environment is very pleasant and so few eateries in Wellington serve bircher that I had to give them a third chance and tick that off.

Floriditas interior looking from back wall

The first, and most striking thing, about the bircher muesli was that it was served in a huge, deep bowl. Now that I think of it, it was the same with the granola. The effect is to overwhelm the food, and the memory I have in each case is of something at the bottom of a well. It also makes the portions look small (which they were somewhat). The bowls are very nice, but I don’t think the food gets to shine.

But anyway, what about the taste? Not bad. The best bit was the ginger infused rhubarb. The generous helping of roasted slivered almonds came second. The bircher itself was OK, but not a standout. It seemed to have coconut shred in it, though this wasn’t mentioned in the menu. Maybe it was grated pear, which was listed and didn’t seem visible anywhere else. Or maybe even the essential bircher ingredient of grated apple, though apple is not on the menu at all. The bircher was attractively topped with a coconut chia pudding mix.

Floriditas green tea

I had green tea here on another occasion. It was quite good. A proper tea cup of sorts – too wide really (= heat loss due to large surface area), but at least it wasn’t the ubiquitous coffee cup generally offered elsewhere. And the tea pot held plenty. Not the miserly one-cup pot you get some places. The tea was leaf tea too.

Floriditas external

The bircher was perfectly fine but there is some stiff competition out there in the field and I can’t rank it at the top. I would have preferred a slightly larger serving.

Reviewed September 2019
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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