Fix & Fogg

5 Eva St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 9am Thurs to Sun; closes 3pm
Porridge $9.50, bircher muesli $9.50; Supreme filter coffee

Fix & Fogg are known for their peanut butters, which you can now find on most supermarket shelves. But you can also buy them direct at the factory window – including 2 and 4kg pails if you have a large family to feed or just like eating it by the handful. And besides the various peanut butters they show you what you can do with them by offering toast, milkshakes, smoothies and porridge – all with a rich and sometimes unexpected variety of ingredients combined with peanut butter (sauerkraut, pickles, sprouts, yoghurt…)

Fix and Fogg exterior

Fix & Fogg change their offerings regularly. This is what I had in September 2020 but late October it was already off the menu in favour of bircher muesli, which I review elsewhere. It was billed as ‘porridge with chocolate almond butter, banana, coconut yoghurt, cacao and maple’.

The porridge was made with chocolate, but unlike other attempts at this I’ve tasted, it wasn’t gluggy with chocolate melted to a heavy, sticky consistency. Maybe they didn’t throw in chocolate as such, with all its fat, but just cacao powder? It certainly wasn’t overly sweet. You also got cacao nibs sprinkled all over, which added a nice degree of crunch. And then there was the chocolate almond butter, which was not added to excess, also preventing a too gluggy porridge. Being a dollop rather than mixed in helped too. The other ingredients were, as stated, the coconut yoghurt on top and sliced bananas, with the whole lightly drizzled with maple syrup.

Fix and Fogg porridge

I June 2020 had what the menu described as ‘coconut and chia porridge topped with black forest dark chocolate peanut butter, raspberry syrup, coconut flakes, berries, dark chocolate chunks and freeze dried raspberries’. That sounded amazing but the berries were still actually frozen. I’m not sure why you would do that unless you imagined that the warmth of the porridge would thaw them out. It didn’t really.

And there was simply too much chocolate as well as peanut butter. I love both dark chocolate and peanut butter and mixing the two is definitely a winning combination I can happily eat straight from the jar. Mixing them with porridge sounds like a great idea, and many do it, but both weigh the porridge down with a glug factor. I think they can work well in very small quantities, but there was just way too much here for my taste. I started feeling a bit sick after just half a bowl.

Fix and Fogg - smoothie bowl

I had also visited Fix & Fogg in summer to try the porridge but discovered it was off the menu at that time – a common seasonal practice amongst eateries. So I had a strawberry and banana smoothie bowl with chocolate hazelnut butter (photo above). It was more edible than the porridge, but I felt pretty full at the end with all the dairy fat in the yoghurt and the sweetness of the chocolate.

Fix and Fogg exterior with customers

Fix & Fogg is probably best on a sunny day. There are stools where you can eat or, if the sun is at the wrong angle and the alley is in the shade, you could hop over to Te Aro Park nearby. Don’t expect much sun to penetrate this side alleyway off Eva St in winter.

Fix and Fogg exterior wall opposite

Finding the place can be tricky. Eva St runs off Dixon St. The unnamed Fix & Fogg alley is off to the right, before you get to The Chocolate Factory on the left. Further up, the street joins with Leeds St, where you can find the Leeds St Bakery I have also reviewed. And when you do visit the window don’t forget to take along your washed Fix & Fogg jars for recycling.


Great peanut butters (I recommend the Everything Butter). And the chocolate porridge was well done, without a heavy chocolate presence making the porridge sticky and sweet. I almost wonder if they read my negative review of the earlier porridge. Seating is outdoors only, so best on a warm day.

Reviewed June and September 2020.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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