Fix & Fogg

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5 Eva St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 9am Thurs to Sun; closes 3pm
Bircher muesli $9.50, porridge $9.50; Supreme filter coffee

Fix & Fogg make nut butters. At their factory window you can taste test all their varieties (15 at last count). You can also buy a jar or even a 4L pail if you have a large family to feed or just like eating it by the handful. And if you want to eat on the spot, Fix & Fogg offer their product on toast or in milkshakes, smoothies and porridge – all with a rich and sometimes unexpected variety of ingredients (sauerkraut anyone?)

Fix and Fogg exterior

Fix & Fogg change their offerings regularly. I’ve reviewed two types of porridge and a smoothie bowl previously. As of October 2020 they are serving bircher muesli.

The bircher was in a layer underneath sliced bananas, strawberries, freeze-dried blueberries, coconut yoghurt, and a light sprinkling of granola that included oats, buckwheat, sunflower seeds and walnuts and coconut flakes. Oh, and between these, somewhat hidden in the photograph, was a spoonful or two of Fix & Fogg’s granola butter.

The latter is pretty interesting stuff if you like both peanut butter and muesli/granola, as I do. Its listed ingredients are sunflower seeds (30%), hi-oleic peanuts (30%), cashew nuts (10%), toasted oats (9%), sunflower oil, desiccated coconut, sugar, chia seeds, cocoa, sea salt and vanilla bean extract. It mainly tastes like a chocolate peanut butter with oat grains and coconut shred and has a bit less sugar (6%) than F&F’s chocolate peanut butter (10%).

Fix and Fogg exterior with customers

The bircher itself appeared to be made with water (not milk or yoghurt as some eateries do, nor apple juice as another alternative), so it was not rich in either fat or sugar. It had both large and small whole grain oats, as well as apple shred, coconut flakes, a very small quantity of sultanas, and some spice.

I’m really pleased that Fix & Fogg have cut back on the amount of sugar via the smaller quantities of chocolate butters they currently add to their dishes compared to those I’ve previously eaten. And that they are now using rather nice hand-made pottery bowls instead of paper plates.

Fix and Fogg exterior wall opposite

Finding the factory window can be tricky. Eva St runs off Dixon St. The unnamed Fix & Fogg alley is off to the right, before you get to The Chocolate Factory on the left. Further up, the street joins with Leeds St, where you can find the Leeds St Bakery. Remember to take along your washed Fix & Fogg jars for recycling.


Fix & Fogg make great peanut butters (I recommend the Everything Butter and the Granola Butter). And the bircher muesli is a pretty healthy option, with fresh fruit and not too much sugar. Seating is outdoors only, so best on a warm day when the wind is not blowing.

Reviewed November 2020.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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