Field & Green

Field and Green granola close-up

262 Wakefield St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 8.30am Wednesday to Friday; 9.30am weekends
Granola $15; Peoples Coffee, Ritual Tea Co.

Field & Green is more of a lunch and evening fine dining eatery than a café, but it does serve granola. Note that it is not open at all on Monday and Tuesdays.

It think that because it has relatively late opening hours and is not en route to work for most people it doesn’t attract many breakfast patrons. There was nobody but me and the lovely waitress there when I popped in at 8.50 on a weekday morning.

Field and Green granola and coffee

The granola was very oaty and there was lots of it. It was strongly oiled and sugared for toasting and had whole almonds and macadamia nuts. It don’t think there was any dried fruit. It was topped with a spoonful of berry compote and a nice yoghurt, and came with a barely adequate amount of milk (for such a quantity of a dry cereal). The Americano coffee was served in a heavy cup and was good.

Field and Green interior

The service was excellent. I didn’t see any newspapers or other reading matter, which adds further evidence that it is not geared to being a breakfast venue.

Field and Green exterior

The pared back granola and its accompaniments is a bit different from your usual. This may suit you if you are tired of stuff that might as well have come out of a packet and you find fresh fruit uninspiring. I still rate it overall as average though.

Reviewed June 2019.

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