Egmont St Eatery

Egmont St Eatery granola close-up

11 Egmont St, Te Aro, Wellington
Opens 8am Wed–Fri, 9am Sat, Sun; closes 2pm & re-opens 5.30pm Wed–Sat
Granola $13; Eight-thirty coffee; Libertine teas

The Egmont St Eatery is easy to miss, being situated in a long lane running parallel to Eva and Leeds streets, and partly below pavement level. It is a fairly sophisticated establishment, with excellent service and an emphasis on lunch and dinner more than breakfast.

I am writing this during Covid-19 level 2 restrictions and opening hours are no longer the full seven days of former times. Gone from the menu is the very good bircher muesli I’ve reviewed before too. So how does the granola shape up?

Egmont St Eatery granola and coffee

I have actually had the granola before in the form of a takeaway when we were strictly in Covid lock down and cafés could only do takeaway service (see photo below). The granola base that I ate in the eatery was exactly the same and, as with the takeaway, in a very generous serve – more than I could eat really. The difference was that the eat-in granola had different fresh fruit (not as attractive, nor especially well presented), the addition of a wipe of nectarine butter around the bowl, and no honey in a pottle as an extra.

Egmont St Eatery takeaway close-up

The granola itself is made of crunchy grains and contains a small amount of dried fruit and an equally small amount of nuts in the form of almonds, sunflower seeds and perhaps some others. It contains a scattering of tiny puffed grain (millet?). It tasted good. I liked the low volume of dried fruit and that the granola wasn’t roasted with large quantities of oil, honey or syrup, but would have preferred some more nuts. And rather more yoghurt and fresh fruit. The amount of fruit in itself is not bad, but it is overwhelmed by the large volume of granola.

Egmont St Eatery interior view

The Americano coffee (no filter available) was OK, but both cups I had were slopped by the waiter in the saucer. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, once is a misfortune but twice looks like carelessness. How much effort is it to just take the cup and saucer back to the counter and wipe them dry with a paper napkin? It represents an admission of fault but the matter is dealt with quickly and I will forget all about it. Not so when I keep noticing the flooded saucer every time I raise the cup to drink.

Egmont St Eatery exterior

Good marks for making a low sugar granola but there is room for improvement in presentation and other details. Pleasant, sophisticated environment and friendly service.

Reviewed May 2020.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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