Dunshea's Deli

Dunshea's Deli granola close-up

7 Burma Rd, cnr Baroda St, Khandallah, Wellington
Opens 8am weekends, 7am weekdays; closes 4pm
Granola $14, Porridge (seasonal) $14; Karamu coffee, Twinings tea

You would think that the wealthier suburbs – Karori and Khandallah – would be full of quality eateries, but the exact opposite is the case. Maybe the people who live in these places have no need to go somewhere ‘nice’, as they have it all at home?

Dunshea’s Deli is one exception to this rule, though it has to be said that it serves relatively few customers, with seating for just twelve people at one large and two tiny tables inside and about eight-to-ten in the covered exterior. And it does double duty as a deli.

I turned up at about 8.30 on a Saturday morning and it was about half full. I think there was always a table free in the time I was there.

Dunsheas Deli granola and coffee

I was pretty keen to try the granola here as a customer on one of the well known review sites said it was perhaps one of the nicest he had tasted.

When I got my bowl I couldn’t actually see any granola. It was hidden under an amazing layer of fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt. When I say amazing, I mean that the fruit – pear, apricot, plum, watermelon – was as fresh and perfectly ripe as can be.

Dunsheas Deli granola excavated

It took a while to dig down to the granola. It was crisp and crunchy without being heavy and chewy. It included sunflower seeds, pecans, quite a lot of coconut shred, almond flakes, hazelnuts and smallish oat grains. No dried fruit, yay! It was pretty sweet but the quantity was about right so you didn’t feel sick afterwards. And it balanced the more tart fruit well.

Dunsheas Deli interior main table

I do campaign against sugar in cereals, but I was somewhat disarmed by how delicious this one tasted. Still, a bit less sugar would have been better. And while covering the granola with fruit looks nice, it makes it hard to eat the two in combination. It think I would prefer a larger bowl where I can compose my mouthfuls, rather than have to deal with the fruit first, yoghurt second, and then granola.

There is no online menu, so click on the blackboard image below to get an idea of the offerings.

Dunsheas Deli menu

Having a half-outdoors part makes the eatery fairly dog friendly. There were two tied up when I was there. Kids might be more difficult to manage unless you also tie them up, as space is limited. However, there is another (also quite small) eatery just around the corner called Automat that is described as child friendly. It’s operated by the same people as Dunshea’s and it opens at 10am on weekends. Both are near Box Hill Station and Khandallah Park.

Dunsheas Deli looking out with dog

Actually, it is interesting that I didn’t see anyone under about 35 at Dunshea’s. (OK, I concede one child being carried inside the doorway in the photo below, but that was the single exception.) I guess they can’t afford to live out here unless it is with their parents.


Great granola. Sugary, but very well done, fresh fruit and all. Good for an occasional treat. Environment not exactly a place to relax and linger.

Reviewed February 2020.

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