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278 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington
Closed May 2020
Bircher muesli $11, Porridge $12; L’affare coffee, bottomless filter $4, t-leaf T tea

The Bresolin has now closed for good, but I will leave this page up because the bircher muesli was interesting, as was their porridge that I have also reviewed. I had to pick a warmish day that wasn’t too windy, as the seating is outside though under cover, if that makes sense. And the weekend was the only option, as they don’t do breakfast on weekdays.

The bircher was a dense mass, not liquid like some versions. It had oats in it for sure, and the traditional grated apple, and I spotted linseeds and buckwheat. The latter gave it a slightly uncooked, chewy eating experience. The menu also said pear, chia, raisins and dates and milk. I didn’t notice any pear or dates, but yes, plenty of raisins. And the surface was drizzled with very liquid honey and then sprinkled with keff, tiny seeds that are a major food type in Ethiopia.

It was all pretty nice. I could have done without the sugar in the honey but the serving size was modest, so I probably didn’t consume all that much sugar. I assume the bircher was soaked in milk, given this was listed in the menu, but I was also served a small jug of the stuff, which wasn’t really necessary or of much use.

The coffee was bottomless filter in a glass, and top-ups were brought round frequently for those who wanted them. Unlike my previous experience, the drink was decently hot this time.

My companion had vegan breakfast for $18 and gave it the thumbs up. I counted five dishes on the menu that were vegan (including porridge), and a further four that were vegetarian. That’s out of 16 dishes – not bad and a decent departure from the usual one or two vegetarian options of many an eatery’s breakfast menu. Vegans and vegetarians might want to check they are not visiting on the days when a young pig is roasted over the fire though.

Bresolin vegan breakfast

The sun can come in and warm up certain corners of the seating, but wind may add a bit of chill on a windy Wellington day. Bar heaters are placed around the walls, and a fire may be going on colder days. One thing that can detract is the motorway just behind. When I was there weekend warriors on motorbikes seemed to be roaring onto the motorway every ten minutes or so.

Bresolin from outside

Pretty good bircher, and the keff seeds are a novel touch. The honey has its appeal, including visually, but there is plenty of sugar in the raisins. The bottomless filter coffee was appreciated.

Reviewed October 2019.

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