Beannie Café

Beannie - muesli header image

198 Jackson St, Petone, Lower Hutt
Opens 7am week, 8am Sat, 8.30am Sun; closes 4 pm, or 4.30 pm Thu-Sat
Muesli $14, porridge $14; Havana coffee

Beannie Café is in the centre of Petone’s shopping area on Jackson St, right next to My French Larder (no muesli) and a couple of doors along from Origin café. It has a somewhat worn but friendly and comfortable appearance. I don’t know if the name is a reference to coffee beans, or to the beanie hat (spelt with one ‘n’) – which does feature in the street art style murals just inside the door and out back in the garden area.

Beannie - coffee and muesli

I often grizzle about not enough fresh fruit with café mueslis, but I had no such complaint here. It was fresh and came in variety. Banana included sparingly, just as I prefer. There was more than enough milk too, but a rather smallish quantity of natural yoghurt. The quantity of actual muesli was just a tad on the low side as well.

Beannie - muesli close-up

The muesli itself was nothing too flash but not too bad either. It did have rather too much dried fruit – apricot, pawpaw and cranberries – but wasn’t otherwise sweetened. As you can see, the other ingredients were toasted, whole-grain rolled oats, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds, and coconut thread.

Beannie - interior to the counter

The layout of Bennie is long and thin, with about six tables in the main space, then the counter and kitchen, and out the back about five more tables. Two or three are on the footpath in front too.

Beannie - interior to the door

The décor is fairly eclectic and un-themed, aside from those two previously mentioned murals. The furniture is a bit of a mix as well. But with the wooden floor, friendly staff and standard favourites on the menu, Beannie is a pleasantly unpretentious and relaxed place to eat or drink.

Beannie - garden

I sat out in the garden area. Well, back yard might be a better term as there is only a small selection of potted plants along a wall. It had yet to get any sun at around 9am, but in summer the sun might be high enough to shine in there at that hour.

Beannie - exterior

Beannie is a pretty relaxed, nothing too special kind of place. I wouldn’t make a bee-line for it, but if you are in the area and need a bite to eat you probably won’t go too wrong. The muesli was OK, with its strongest point being a generous helping of fresh fruit. And its weakest the reverse in a sense – too much dried fruit. You don’t really need both. The coffee was fine.

Reviewed September 2021.
Menus, ingredients and opening hours may change. Check with eatery before you visit.

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